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You just bought a brand new pickup. It’s perfect in every detail and exactly what you wanted in a pickup truck. You’re going to use this pickup every day to do work, haul your motorcycles and ATVs, load groceries and kids’ backpacks, and haul your dogs to and fro. There’s just one thing missing on your sparkling new pickup truck: a bedliner.

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The purpose of a bedliner is to protect your truck from dings, bangs, and scratches that can occur from loading and unloading objects in and out of your pickup truck. Bedliners also form non-skid surfaces, which keeps objects from rolling around when you turn your vehicle.

Since the advent of the pickup trucks, owners have been installing their own form of bedliners for their specific purposes. Most of the time this was a simple as a piece of plywood. Like many great inventions, bedliners for trucks didn’t come about because of pickup trucks. In fact, the first spray-on bedliner has its origins as a urethane product for railcars and delivery vehicles. In 1983, Morgan Evans, founder of Rhino Linings in Johannesburg, South Africa, applied this technique to vehicles. In 1986, the spray-on bedliner made its way to the United States.

In 1987, Russell Lewis, inspired by this new technology, founded Rhino Linings Corporation, which today is the household standard of the industry. From here, technology increased to allow a high-pressure, spray-on bedliner, which was introduced in 1991.


Drop-in bedliners are placed in the pickup truck’s bed, and its major advantage are that it’s not permanent and can be removed if so desired. Typically made of a polyethylene composite, these drop-ins are tailored for the specific model of truck you own and are usually rigid in form and structure.

Spray-on bedliners (or sprayed-in) are permanent as, like their name implies, these bedliners are sprayed on the bed of the pickup truck to form a protective coating. Using different formulations based on your intended use for your pickup truck, popular materials are polyurea or polyurethane, or hybrid and solvent base.


  • Scratches can lead to oxidation and rust. A deep scratch scrapes away the layer of paint that protects the metal. Once the metal of your pickup truck is exposed to the elements, it can result in oxidation, rust, and eventual erosion of the metal. With a bedliner, your truck bed will be protected from dings and dents that could cause long-term damage down the road and shorten the longevity (and hence increase the price) of your truck.
  • A bedliner protects your cargo as much as it protects the bed of your pickup truck. With shock absorbers and vibration resistance, a bedliner will ensure your beer bottles won’t break, your glass vase from your grandmother arrives intact, and your tools don’t bounce around and break.


  • Spray-in bedliners are versatile when it comes to truck bed sizes and more precise. A custom-made, drop-in bedliner is harder to make and install.
  • Spray-on bed liners won’t dislodge and shift position because spray-on liners are adhered to the actual metal of the truck bed, creating a water-tight and vacuum-like seal.
  • Spray-in bedliners are the only 100 percent guarantee your truck or vehicles won’t rust as water can get underneath a drop-in bedliner and cause corrosion over time. Spray-on bedliners are water-tight.


Performance and longevity of your sprayed-on bedliner greatly relies on the initial surface preparation done on the bed of the pickup. Bedliners come in different colors to match your pick up truck; however, be aware that the color will fade from ultraviolet exposure over time. Different methods are used to apply a pickup bedliner such as by roller, low pressure, cartridge driven by an air compressor or high-pressure machine.

When installing a bedliner, environmental conditions must be taken into account as well. Humidity, temperature, wind, and elevation can affect the cure process of a spray-in bedliner. However, these conditions can be negotiated. A professional bedliner installer can adjust the nozzle aperture, thinners, and spray pressure so the spray lining can be distributed evenly.


  • Rhino lining is versatile, durable, and reliable
  • Rhino lining has a smoother finish
  • Rhino lining has excellent impact and abrasion resistance
  • Rhino lining has excellent corrosion resistance
  • Rhino lining has excellent chemical resistance
  • Rhino lining reduces noise from vibration and impact
  • Rhino lining has high physical properties, including tensile, tear, and elongation
  • Rhino linings have a full rhino liner color range available with UV top coat to resist UV fading
  • Rhino linings resist impact if something heavy is dropped in the back of your pickup truck

Rhino linings can be applied and bonded to most surfaces of your pickup truck, including your truck bed, truck grille guards, bumpers, fenders, floor boards, nerf bars, trim work, and truck rocker panels. Rhino linings also protect other vehicles as well, such as boats, ATVs, trailers, RVs, fleet vehicles, emergency vehicles, construction vehicles, agricultural equipment, and military vehicles.

Spraying polyurethane on your pickup truck or other vehicle serves two purposes: it adds years of value to your vehicle as it prevents scratch, rusting, and chemical contamination from deteriorating standard OEM paint. The wear and tear of everyday use will be drastically less with a spray-in bedliner. Second, bedliners create a roughed up, anti-skid, or anti-slip surface, so when you open your tailgate, all of your groceries, tools, sand, and equipment stays in place (not so much your dogs per se).

There are dozens of different types of Rhino linings to fit your needs, and the experts at CID Rhino Linings and Truck Accessories in San Marcos are here to help you choose the best Rhino bed liner for you. With years of experience, our goal is to go above and beyond your service needs. We want everything to be perfect so your truck will be perfect for years to come. As the Top Rated Local® Rhino Linings in San Marcos, California, we offer the best rhino linings. Contact us today for all your spray in bedliner needs!


CID Rhino Linings and Truck Accessories offers installations on all of our products, including bed liners. A professional installation of a truck bedliner will make all the difference to durability, usability, aesthetic value, and longevity. We have the appropriate tools to handle the complex polymers involved in spray-on bedliners as well as the know-how to do the job properly. We are efficient and quick, saving you hours of time in researching bedliners, buying the materials to install a bedliner, and actually doing the install. And as most of us have experienced, when you install something for the first time, there is a learning curve, resulting in a higher probability of mistakes being made and a higher probability you will lose your cool and become frustrated. Let CID Rhino Linings and Truck Accessories in San Marcos prevent any headaches by doing a professional rhino lining installation. We also install all of our truck accessories. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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